About Us

Our Mission
To direct our viewers through an increasingly complex digital world by humanizing technology and filtering out the noise.

About P3 2016
P3 2016, the biggest independent premium technology publisher in the world, is an award-winning multimedia brand that guides consumers to the best products and solutions available now — and uncovers the innovations that build tomorrow. With over 6 million societal followers and a site that reaches 30 million worldwide, the brand interacts with over 100 million people each month.

We cover technology for how you live: not only gadgets but the powers they unlock on your own life, the story of the men and women who made them and the way they rebuild the world. P3 2016 filters the torrent of apparatus and invention that surrounds us through a human lens which elevates experience above specs, hype, and marketing. The rapid pace of change produces a conversation that is always engaging, entertaining, and challenging. You don’t have enough time to become a specialist.

How We Review Products
Our staff of professional writers strategy testimonials using a two-prong approach: through exhaustive research and real hands-on time with the product (or service) in question (when so permitted). This means products are loaned to us, or we buy the product or service with our own money. In either instance, we are committed to assessing goods and services in real-world conditions.

Kinds of Content
In P3 2016 we realize it is never a matter of one product or one review. Because our editorial team develops content which includes, but is not limited to hands-on reviews, comparisons, and best-of lists (ex. Budget Software Apps for Windows).