Intel or AMD Ryzen: ​Which CPU is best?

AMD has not been afraid to challenge Intel’s long-standing dominance in the CPU market by promoting both the value per dollar and the high-end performance of their Ryzen hardware.

AMD introduced the fourth generation of Ryzen-based Desktop CPUs in late 2020. This includes the Ryzen 9 processor. AMD’s latest processors are designed to compete with Intel’s Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9 offerings.

Which CPU is better: AMD Ryzen or Intel?

The Short Version
We believe that many PC builders, even those who are not interested in building computers, will be happier buying a processor such as the Intel Core i7-10700 (Amazon), even though it is more expensive than its Ryzen equivalent (Amazon). AMD’s Ryzen processors with higher performance are for you if you need more power or to make Cyberpunk 2077 ultra-responsive without spending a lot.

Are you looking for a longer reading?
There are many reviews online that span multiple pages with complex overclocking scenarios, benchmarks, and endless technology-based theories about which one is the best. We take a different approach.

We will take each section one by one and break them down into separate sections. We have a large spreadsheet that displays the clock speeds of Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs. We have a breakdown of price differences between Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs.

We also have the right information for you if you are looking to purchase the most powerful CPU on the market in terms of value, performance, and features. This buyer’s guide will help you decide if Intel or AMD is the best option for you.

AMD Ryzen
AMD’s first wave of mainstream Ryzen chips consisted of three families: Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 3. It was easy to compare AMD Ryzen chips with the competition thanks to this initial three-tiered approach.

In 2018, AMD released its second wave of Ryzen CPUs. This second generation of Ryzen CPUs is based on the new Zen+ architecture and 12nm manufacturing process. It was divided into four families. All three Ryzen CPUs, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 3 returned. The reincarnated Ryzen family provided faster-boosted clock speeds and lower power consumption.

AMD also topped the range this time with a series of high-end CPUs, the Threadripper.

Ryzen’s extra cores of processor power compared to Intel Kaby and Coffee Lake CPUs will make certain tasks run much faster. The extra cost is worth it if you do a lot with 3D rendering/video editing or if your favorite games run faster on multiple cores (which few do, but popular titles such as Battlefield 1 and Civ are included in this short-but-growing list). Additional cores can be used to stream video games on Twitch.

AMD’s Ryzen portfolio was updated in late 2019 They didn’t just update the Ryzen 3, 5, and 7. The Ryzen 9 was also added to the range.

Intel Core
Generally speaking, Intel Core i7 processors perform better than Intel Core i5 CPUs. These CPUs are also better than Core i3 CPUs. Core i7 has seven cores, while Core i3 has three. These numbers are used to differentiate between their processing power, not a specific designation based upon the core count, clock speed, or any other technical criteria.

The Intel Core i9 is another option. The Core i9 series was introduced in 2017 and boasts a very high range of processors. Amazon’s top-end Core i9 7980X has 18 cores and can run 32 threads simultaneously. The cheapest Core i9-7900X is a 10 core processor capable of running 20 threads and running at 3.3GHz.

As scary and appealing as these numbers may sound, modern software isn’t ready to take advantage of this capability – especially in the gaming sector. These CPUs are also more expensive than the rest of the line. They are in many ways more similar to AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processors than Ryzen 9 CPUs.

Gordan Mah Ung stated that if you are buying a 16 core CPU to play games only, you might consider an 8-core or 6-core chip. Few games can run on all the cores. This is the accepted wisdom. Modern gaming isn’t about winning a game and sleeping well. You can stream it live or record it and add LOL memes, sound effects, etc. that were not possible a few years back.

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